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Medicare and your options

Medicare is a great starting point for those over 65 and individuals on Social Security due to disability but it can leave the insured with many out of pocket costs.  An inpatient hospital stay has a deductable of almost $1,200 dollars.  Most retired people seldom have enough disposible assets to cover many hospital stays.  Both Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans can helpreduce your costs.  Prescription drug coverage is not included in original Medicare and must be obtained threough a private company.  The program is overseen by the federal Medicare program and the plans are referred to as Medicare Part D.

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Affordable Care Act basics

The Affordable Care Act has made it possible for more Americans than ever to purchase health insurance.  Many individuals and families are eligible for premium subsidies to help pay for their insurance. You can choose from a great number of plans offered in your area and apply for your premium subsidy at the same time.

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Where can I compare and apply for Medicare Supplement Plans

One site you to can use to easily compare and apply for Medicare Supplement Plans is found here.

Medicare Prescription Drug plans
Medicare Basics

Where can I compare and apply for Medicare Advantage Plans?

One site you to can use to easily compare and apply for Medicare Advantage Plans is found here.

Where can I compare and apply for Medicare Prescription Drug Plans?

One site you to can use to easily compare and apply for Medicare Prescription Drug Plans is found here.

Medicare Supplement Plans
Medicare Basics

Does everyone need to sign up for a health plan?

The health care exchange is open for every U.S. resident, but only the uninsured will face penalties for skipping out. If you are enrolled in your employer's health plan or pay for your own plan already, you can continue with that plan as long as it is offered.  You may or may not find insurance less expensive through your state insurance exchange.

Where can I compare individual and family health insurance plans

With the creation of the Insurance Markeplace under the healthcare reform act, the search for individual and family insurance plans has become more difficult for most individuals.  Before the creation of the federal/state "Marketplace" one could simply search for and apply for health insurance the an agency website.  Some companies opted to offer plans through this new marketplace and so individuals will need to now search these "Marketplace" websites as well if they wish to find as many plans as possible.  In many markets, the large health insurance companies have selected a "wait and see" approach and their plans will still be available directly through agents.  The insurance plans in the "Marketplace" will be handled by unlicensed "advisors".

In Wisconsin, one easy to search site is  Here you can Research, Refine , and Apply for health insurance all on one site.  For other states, many people choose to use this site.  You will not find "Marketplace" plans on these sites due to the restrictions placed by the Healthcare Reform Act.

Medicare Advantage Plans

A Medicare Advantage Plan combines Medicare Parts A and B and often includes Part D.  Most if not all of the premium for these plans is paid for by Medicare.  These plans are contracted with Medicare and the plans pay portion that Medicare would typically to the doctor and hospital.  A member of these plans typically pays a fixed copayment for medical care instead of the standard Medicare deductibles and 20%.  

Since most Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage (Part D), it is not necessary for member of these plans to obtain a separate Part D coverage.

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